Our History

                   In year 1982 , Gama was founded by Bsc . Eng. Adel KHAFAGY and his team as trading agency company

                   specialized in supply of several type of pumps for municipal , industrial and petrochemical sectors.


                   In year 1994 , Gama turned to SAE Project company and considered as one of the biggest pump

                   supplier in the Egyptian market .


                   Today in year 2015 and after three decades, Gama is having a very good reputation and is now

                   a subsidiary of many European,American & Indian Brands , which turning  Gama to be a leading

                   company specialized in several electro-mechanical projects .


                   Gama executed 355 projects in the following markets :


                   ·   WATER &WASTEWATER

                   ·   OIL & GAS

                   .   PAPER

                   .  CHEMICAL

                   ·  FOOD INDUSTRY 

Our Vision


                            Gama has established itself as a serious partner who’s sharing all stages with the several customers

                            in projects such as design , project management , fabrication , assembly , erection , commissioning  

                            and after sales services .



                       “ Our goal is to satisfy and share with our customers their success “